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Are you over snow, ice, sleet and cold?  Are you over shoveling, salted roads and muck?  We understand completely.


Ready to Move to sunny Florida?  If the answer is, yes, we  are here to help; even if you have a home to sell first. We have years of experience in transitioning home owners to Florida.  (References provided upon request) 


As REALTORS that do substantials with other REALTORS, we have connections in every State of the Union and can help you locate the REALTOR that will  get that home sold up North so we can work on getting you moved to Sunny Florida. 

If you don't have a home to sell first, that's great, too!   We work with some of the most reputable lenders in the State of Florida, and would be glad to refer you to a local lender that is ready to answer your questions and if you're ready, get the process started.

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